#278 Regular Meeting (English 28 Aug)

We had a hybrid meeting. We had 6 members at venue and 11 members via online including 2 guests at Venue and 2 guests from Singapore.

TM I took a role of TMOM today and TM W presented ‘Word of the day’ which was “Smiley / ニコニコ、楽しい.”

TM I broke out the Good & New session and the meeting was warmed up. She gave a lot of smiles during the meeting and that makes the meeting “Smiley”😊

[Prepared Speech Session]

There were two English speeches.

1st Speaker : TM G

Title: Escape from the locked down city (Part 1)

The speaker was in Wuhan (武漢) when the city was locked down. It was a real story of how he could have survived in the locked down city. Unfortunately, time was not enough for the speech but the story will continue as part 2 next time. We cannot wait!!

2nd Speaker : TM A

Title: Don’t sleep through your life!

The speaker started some episodes with his mother and explained how precious our life is. He used natural body language which was his subject of his speech.

[Table Topics]

The table topics session was managed by TM K. She gave questions about how to advertise (A) to (B) and speakers has to advertise the product that Table Topic Master selected. It was not easy but good exercises for the sales person.

  1. Rice Bead Cooker to Family
  2. Avocado to Teenagers
  3. Kitchen Garden to Working Mothers
  4. Camping Car to Family
  5. Kickboard to Working Mothers
  6. Optical camouflage cloak to Retired People
[Evaluation Session]

TM K took a role of General Evaluator. Two evaluators, TM M and TM K gave not only good points but also points to be improved. They were helpful to all members.

[Award Winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM S (Guest)

Best Evaluator :TM K

Best Speaker : TM A

Congratulations for all award winners! 

Thanks to the time management of TMOM, the meeting was successfully adjourned on time.

The next meeting will be a joint meeting with Tokyo Ronpyo (Evaluation) TMC and the speech entries are welcome for the meeting on 11th September.

Written by SK.