#294 Regular Meeting (2022-4-23)

Date : Saturday, 23th April 2022

Venue : Chiyoda Sport Center Room #3

We had a hybrid meeting after a long time. We had 5 members at venue including one guest and 8 members via online.

TM K took a role of TMOM today and TM S presented ‘Word of the day’ which was “Enjoy”

TM K broke out the Good & New session and the meeting was warmed up.

[Prepared Speech Session]

There were two speeches and both of them were icebrakers.

1st Speaker : TM E

Title: グラス半分の水 ~ 私がToastMasterに入会した理由 ~


2nd Speaker : TM H

Title: My first challenge in Japan

She talked about her personal experiences when she came back home from Canada. She didn’t look nervous and we cannot believe that this was her first speech! I look forward to her next speech.

[News of the week]

The agenda was changed due to machine trouble. TM K talked about the film “Coda” which won the Academy Awards this year. He showed some part of the film on YouTube and that makes us want to watch this film!

[Table Topics]

Table topics master was conducted by TM K. She chose the floriography as topics and requested speakers to present their episodes relating to the language of flowers. It was unique and interesting as the theme of table topics.

[Evaluation Session]

TM K took a role of General Evaluator.

TM I evaluated the first speech in Japanese. She presented her evaluation before the news of the week. Her evaluation was well organized and delivered with amazing vocal variety like a prepared speech though she didn’t have much time to prepare.

TM A evaluated the second speech in English. He gave the speaker good advices concretely which the speaker can improve. It was really helpful not only for the speaker but also for other members.

General evaluator gave applause to today’s TMOM, TM K because she gave some good comments to all speeches and she flexibly managed the meeting though there were some unexpected changes.

[Award Winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM K

No Award session for others since there were only two speakers.

Thanks to the time management of TMOM, the meeting was successfully adjourned on time.

Written by SK.