Regular Meeting #254, 8/29

Date : Saturday, 29th AUG. 2020

Venue : Online and Kudan life-long learning hall

This time was “on-site and on-line”meeting ,so called “hybrid style”.
Thanks for hard working to technical assistance, TM SW and TM YS. The meeting was well organaized by TMOM RY,
with 14 membersand 2 guests, 11 on-site and 5 on-line including guests. Word of the day:remarkable/ 著しい
News of the week: “IT for agriculture”.
TM YM introduced agritech as the remakable growing market.
He quoted the article “How agritech driven by data modernizing farming in Asia.” from TechWire Asia.

There were two remarkable impressive speeches. TM YK “The traps of onkike communication.”
She humorously shared some of her own mistakes and tips on what to look out for when presenting online.
The failure of the audio to be muted when commenting on a Korean TMC was a clear advice to the participants.
TM YS 「改めて自己紹介」(in Japanese)
This is his first introductory speech for this club.
He spoke humorously about his childhood, when he changed schools a lot and the stories of his many career changes. He said that his experience as the head of the high school soccer team had given him the ability to get his chores done quickly.
He said that his experience as “Buchou”,the general manager of the high school soccer team had given him the ability to get his chores done quickly. The table topics session was managed by TM HA, who brought out the five unique question.
He asked how to enjoy this summer vacation in the difficult situation under COVID19. Tips about “Go To Travel” campaign were timely and attractive.

Evaluation Session
TM TK controled as Genral Evaluator. Two evaluator, TM WS and TM AI gave helpfull advices to each speaker.

[Award Recipients]

Best Table Topic speaker :TM TK and Guest,YS*ex member

Best Evaluator :TM AI

Best prepared speaker : TM YK

Congratulations! In the business session, the proposalforthe joint-meeting with Leadership TMC was approved. We are looking forward the joint-meeting.

Written by TK.

第253回通常例会 (8/8)

8月8日 東京メトロポリタンTMC 253 回 例会記録

 ・集計係: WA さん
 ・文法係: Kami さん

 ・えーとカウンター: Sa  さん

  以上の皆さんが務めていただきました 説明も分かりやすく説明いただいました。

1本目のスピーチはTaさん タイトルはOperation Meetinghouse 〜低空からの襲撃〜毎年夏の恒例、第二大戦の日本のお話をして頂きました。今回は東京の下町の空襲に関するお話で、広島・長崎の原爆の投下と引けをとらない悲惨な空襲であったことをリアリティあふれる話でした
2本目のスピーチはISさん タイトルは  How to study English

論評者はKamiさんが  Ta さんのスピーチに対しYaさんが  ISさんのスピーチに対しそれぞれ論評いただきました。

ベスト論評賞: Kamiさん

ベストスピーチ賞: Taさん