Regular Meeting #272, 5/29

Date: May 29th,2021

Time: 10:00 Start, 11:50 Adjourn

The meeting was conducted in English.

It was held online.

The meeting theme was “looking for the silver lining”.

Covid19 cases are rising again, and rainy season is around the corner.

However, every cloud has a silver lining.

After the meeting, we felt brighter than before.

We could hold a great meeting thanks to kindness of members.


As president, membership TM K.S provided remarks.

We welcomed a guest from Indonesia!!


TM K.Y took a role of TMOM.

She took many roles and took her duty perfectly.

*Word of the day

TM Y.Y introduced “hope” “希望,願い”as today’s word of the day.

*Good and New

At this meeting, we had enough time.

So all members shared good or new things.

Especially many members showed their episode of that morning.

The early bird catches the worm!!

*News of the week

TM W.S introduced the Basic plan for transport policy.

Especially he shared freight fluctuation system.

This news was very useful for members.

Selecting this news is characteristic of him.

*Prepared Speech : TM O.M

Speech title:リーダーシップの種まき

The speech about her notice from her experiences of her job.

This speech was the first time for her.

She had an extensive vocabulary.

So we felt the possibility for the development of her speech.

*Evaluation for prepared speech : TM G.D

This evaluation was the first time for him at our club.

His evaluation was very clearly and logically.

*Table Topic : TM Y.R

There were 6 questions, and all of the topics were related to House.

5 members and 1 guest tried making a speech off the cuff.


Best speaker: TM O.M

Best evaluator: TM G.D

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM K.


We shared wonderful time.

I enjoyed spending time with members.

The next meeting will also be held online.

It is difficult that all members get together at the venue.

The night is long that never finds the day.

I hope to see members again soon!

Written by TM K.K

第271回 通常例会 (5/8)

2021年5月8日 東京メトロポリタンTMC第271回日本語例会議事録

本日の例会テーマは「Online regular meeting 2.0」。オンライン例会2年目を迎える中でさらに例会をステップアップさせようと、ITマスターWさんのプロデュースで事前に例会特設ウェブサイトが開設され、拍手の音声の共有方法などオンラインイベントを盛り上げるZOOMのTipsが共有されました。





テーブルトピックス 600年前の今日起こったジャンヌダルクの勝利をテーマに、テーブルトピックスマスターのОさんから、ヒーロー、旅行の方法、偶然の出会いなどの多様なトピックが提供されました。同世代の歴史人物についてのやりとりがなされるなどメンバーの歴史力も垣間見たセッションでした。

論評 準備スピーチを様々な観点から観察して、良かった点やさらに良くなる点についてスピーカーを応援する充実した論評が展開されました。


◇ベストスピーカー Kさん◇ベスト論評賞 Yさん◇ベストトピックス賞 Kさん

文責 K