313th Regular Meeting(2023-02-25)

Meeting minute for the 313th Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters on Feb.25

Word of the Day “vernal” symbolised the meeting.
The meeting was full of vernal background images
and vernal topics.
And now we have a new member!!

News of the week touched on the topic of Xiang Xiang,
loved and missed by many Japnanse fans.

The first prepared speech by TM.Y was about an English training
course the speaker has just finished which was as harsh and
effective as a RIZAP physical training.
His humourous and touching episode grabbed our hearts.

The second prepared speech by TM.I lead us to the world of
visiting world wide Toastmasters clubs on-line.
We were marveled by the divesity of club activities
ranging from dancing to Karaoke.

Table topics by TM.K drew many intersting and heartwarming episodes
on cute animals.

We all felt the coming of Spring from the enjoyable episodes
which warmed our hearts.

Best Table Topic speaker:
The guest

Written by TM.A