Report of the 231th regular meeting on Aug 24th

Date: August 24th, 2019

Time: 10:00 Start, 11:55 End

Venue: Kudan Lifelong Learning Hall, 3F Study Room#1.


As Vice President Membership, TM S.K. provided opening remarks.

Today we had 10 members and 2 guests who were former members of TMTMC.

[Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM)]

TM Y.Y. took a role of TMOM for the first time.

He set today’s theme as “Horror stories” and many members share the stories of their own.

[Word of the Day]

TM Y.S. introduced “Cool (涼しい)” as today’s “Word of the Day”.

[Good and New]

TM Y.Y. of Today’s TMOM emceed today’s Good & New session (Ice breaking session).

Five members and one guest made a speech and they warmed up the meeting.

[News of the week]

TM T.T. gave the presentation about SHUMSHU, the island where the battle between Rusia and Japan happened in August 18-21, 1945.

He introduced the background of the stories and showed us the animation on YouTube, too.

The speech was not only informative but also educational.

[Prepared Speech Session]

1st Speaker: Mr. K.T. (Former member as a guest)

Title: 自己認識(日本語スピーチ)

Project: Pathways Level 1 “Ice Breaker”



2nd Speaker: TM S.W.

Title: Club Officer Training – Lessons Learned (English Speech)

Project: Pathways Level 2 “Manage Projects Successfully“

He shared what he learned from the experiences of organizing Club Officer Training.

Communication and collaboration among the team worked well because he used IT tools effectively. 

[TableTopics Session (emceed by TM H.A.)]

Theme: “Tokyo Olympics”

Q1. What sport do you add if you are the authority to select the sports for Olympic games? (TM S.K.)

Q2. What could you get a medal for what you did before? (TM T.K.)

Q3. Where would you take a foreign visitor if you are asked to take him/her to somewhere? (Ms. J.M.)

Q4. If you want to evacuate from Tokyo one month, where will you go and what will you do? (TM T.Y.)

The questions are related to “Tokyo Olympics” but they are not about current Olympic games.

They are tricky but everyone enjoyed the Table Topics Session very much.

[Evaluation Session (General Evaluator was TM S.K.)]

Today’s evaluators for the prepared speeches were TM Y.S. and TM G.S.

Both evaluators pointed out the good points and issues to be improved clearly and gave the speakers good advice.

Since they are well-experienced, not only the evaluations but also the delivery were excellent.

In the helpers report, TM T.K. as a Gramarian pointed out mistakes that Japanese people often make such as tense and article.

He also pointed out what to say “爆買” in English. He introduced “massive buying” as a unique phrase.

=======Awards of the meeting=======

*Best Speaker: Mr. K.T.

*Best Evaluator: TM G.S.

*Best Table Topics Award: TM S.K.

[After the meeting]

After the successful adjourned, several members and all guests went to lunch near the venue.

Club members and guests exchanged lots of information including our club’s activities, each member’s experiences and backgrounds.

(Written by TM S.K. as role taker of “Record of the meeting”)