315th Regular Meeting(2023-3-25)

Data: March 25th, 2023
Venue: Hybrid of online and Chiyoda Sports Center, the 3rd meeting room
Time: 10:00 – 11:50

Meeting Theme: “Renew” or “Revise” / 見直し・切り替え
Today’s Word: “admire” “称賛する”

Spring is coming! We shared the spring vibe from this meeting!!
Backgrounds of spring flowers and some episodes related to a graduation ceremony or cherry blossoms brought it.

■Good and New
We had a good and new session where all the participants shared something good and new that happened in the past 24 hours.

■News of the Week
TM H presented beautiful places where we can enjoy cherry blossoms!
His lovely photos were also attractive to introduce those places.

The first speech’s title was “Democratization.”
He talked about our future, in which everyone can reach information, and encouraged us to try something new without hesitation.
His informative presentation worked well!
In the following speech, TM Y talked about taking online lessons with Malaysian students.
His notice must be helpful for members interested in learning through online classes with international students.

■Table Topic Session
TM A brought “Table topics for 365 days”, the material to practice Table Topics Speech.
Some questions are familiar, but some are challenging to answer because they are philosophical or abstract.
However, it was an excellent opportunity to try an impromptu speech.
Members who had difficult questions overcame them and managed to give speeches!

TM H delivered an organized evaluation of TM G’s speech. I couldn’t believe it was her first evaluation.
She also mentioned the speaker’s purpose of the speech and suggested improvements. It was an excellent evaluation.
TM S delivered a kind evaluation of TM Y’s Speech. He showed his interest in the speech at first. I could understand that the speech motivated the evaluator. It was one of admiration for the speaker.

■Award Winners
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM K

Written by K