Minutes of TMTMC Regular Meeting #238

Minutes of TMTMC Regular Meeting #238

Date: December 28th, 2019

Time: 10:00 Start, 11:45 Adjourn

Venue: Kudan Lifelong Learning Hall


As Vice President Membership, TM S.K provided opening remarks.

Today we had 12 members and 2 guests.

[Induction Ceremony]

Fortunately we held an induction ceremony for new member, TM M.S.

Induction ceremony was proceeded smoothly in comply with the rules of Toastmasters and our club.

All members were approved his induction. We were very happy to welcome him as a new member!

[Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM)]

TM K.T took a role of TMOM. He was back from the long intermission.

Regardless of long intermission, he performed his role as TMOM successfully.

[Word of the Day]

TM Y.K introduced “milestone (節目)” as today’s “Word of the Day”.

[Good and New]

TM of Today’s TMOM emceed today’s Good and New session (Ice breaking session).

Speakers provided good and new stories 24 hours

[News of the week]

Presenter: TM M.S

TM M.S explained the recent news about new year’s bell around the residential area. He introduced recent news article about it and his opinion for this issue.

[Prepared Speech Session]

1st Speaker: TM D.M

Title: China, My Love (English Speech)

Project: Pathways Level 1 “Ice Breaker”

This is M-san’s first speech in this club. He introduced about himself and he focused on his favorite actor, Jacky Chan and his experiences in China. During today’s regular meeting, he weared Chinese traditional costume. From his such kind of mood, his enthusiasm for China was reached to all audiences effectively.

2nd Speaker: TM H.A

Title: わくわくスピーチ(日本語スピーチ)

Project: Competent Communicator (CC) Project #8 ビジュアルエイドの活用

The main message of this speech was “Getting feedback is beneficial” and “Changing framework for creating speech would be good for speakers to prepare his/her speech effectively”.

At first, A-san explained his worries about proceeding each project of “CC Manual”(Speech text which will be expired on the next year). But he has changed his mind to positive. He set his speech schedule and proceed to prepare making speech more frequently.

A-san presented his idea by using PowerPoint Slides effectively. It was inspiring moment for all attendees to motivate proceeding his/her speech projects.

3rd Speaker: TM T.T

Title: Wedding Party with Toastmasters

Project: Advanced Communicator “The entertaining Speaker” #4 A dramatic talk

Today’s T-san’s speech was about his practice of good warming up on party. T-san introduced his experience for creating seat planning in his wedding party. In his wedding party, his friends of Toastmasters club performed very effectively. Also, thanks to their performance, all attendees were gathered and communicated. It seemed that T-san moved such kind of atmosphere very much. From such kind of experiences, T-san explained the good effect of gathering Toastmasters member to the place of party, gathering events and so on.

He presented the scene of his wedding party. We felt happy when we watch these memorable (nostalgic) photos.

[Table Topics Session (emceed by TM Y.S)]

Today we took 4 questions which is related to the current season like Christmas, Year-end season.

Q1: Question about the way how to spend winter season’s holiday

Q2: Recommendation for the winter foods

Q3: Memory of Christmas in this year

Q4: Idea for making speech in Speech contest

[Evaluation Session (emceed by TM S.W)]

3 evaluators provided evaluations for each prepared speakers.

All evaluators pointed out each speaker’s good points and improvement points.

Also, they performed evaluation in align with objectives for each projects.

They did stable, well-structured evaluation speech.

[General Evaluation (made by TM S.W)]

Usually general evaluator pointed out feedback for whole regular meeting and each evaluator’s evaluation. But today, TM S.W provided feedback for club’s condition in this half of Toastmasters fiscal year.

TM S.W pointed out good collaboration of this year’s officers. This year’s officers exchanged their ideas for making club more attractive. Also, they consulted troubles or challenges timely and effectively.

W-san explained the importance for study of leadership skill in Toastmasters. In Toastmasters club in Japan, many members made an effort to study for promoting the skill of public speaking. But, to make our business or private life more fruitful, promoting leadership skill is also important.

Under the current condition of our club, we, as a member of this club, can enjoy all of club activity not only studying the method of public speaking, but the idea for promoting our leadership skill.

[Award presentation]

Today’s Award

Best Table Topics Award: TM S.W and TM M.F

Best evaluator: TM Y.K.

Best Speaker: TM H.A.

Congratulations for all award winners!

[After the meeting]

After the regular meeting, we have moved to precious chinese restaurant near the venue.

We set round-style table. Just after starting the after lunch, TM Y.K. (Our club president) started  “Table Topics Styled” entertainment session. Fortunately we can share about their job, dream, hope and so on. We were very lucky for exchanging such kind of information.

[Today’s Study]

I reaffirmed that the power of our club was “enthusiasm”. Having enthusiasm for each member’s interest like the culture of other countly, promotion for their skill of public speaking, finding new ideas and so on.

In total, today’s club meeting was very insightful. Also, from the experience of chatting in lunch time, I was aware that the importance of exchanging each member’s ideas, interests.

I hope the condition of our club would be more fruitful, enjoyable.

Let’s enjoy next regular meeting!

(Written by TM S.W as role taker of “Record of the meeting”)


第237回(2019/12/14) ディベート例会
日時: 2019年12月14日(土) 10:00-12:00
場所: 千代田区立スポーツセンター


まずは、ディベートに慣れていないメンバーに向けて、9時半から任意参加のディベートのルール説明がありました。ディベートの目的や獲得するスキルについての説明から始まり、実際のディベートの流れと各役割の説明、さらには、どのようにメモをとってディベートに生かすのか、といった説明がなされました。ルールと制限時間という制約の中で、説得力ある主張を行っていかなければならないとの心構えができました。 3つ用意してくださった論題候補の中から、多数決により、以下の論題が選ばれました。 「日本は小売店の深夜営業を禁止すべきである。是か非か。(深夜とは23時~5時を指す)」

参加者はゲスト4名を含めて、16名。4チーム(各4名)に分かれて、2試合を行いました。 10時から、チームごとに分かれて、メリット・デメリットの検討・準備を行いました。

第1試合目は、Aチーム(肯定側)対Dチーム(否定側)。 残る2チームがジャッジとなり、多数決で勝敗を決定しました。 結果は、6対3で肯定側であるAチームの勝利。

第2試合目は、Cチーム(肯定側)対Bチーム(否定側) 結果は、7対2で否定側であるBチームの勝利。

メンバーもゲストの方々も全員で真剣にディベートの試合に挑み、大変勉強になる有意義な時間となりました。終わった後も、「ああ言えば良かった。これも言えばよかった。」と悔しがる方。「こういった反駁は許されるのか。有効か。」と質問するかた。もう一度やってみたいという声が多かったので、ぜひまた今度開催できるとよいなと思います。 (議事録担当 H.H)