About our Club (as of 2010)

We finally launched the website of our Club, and now we will start promoting our Club for the first meeting on August 28.

TM Ami, the founder of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club (TMTMC), led Musashi-Kosugi Toastmasters Club in her hometown to charter in 2005. Since then, she founded eleven chartered Toastmasters Clubs to date in Tokyo & Kanagawa, and currently she has been building five other Toastmasters Clubs in the area. All the founding officers of TMTMC are office workers who work and live in the central Tokyo area as well as being experienced Toastmasters.

The keyword for our Club is “authentic”. Located in the most “authentic” area of Tokyo with the Imperial Palace nearby, we aim to conduct meetings that are true to the 85 years of Toastmasters tradition. When foreign tourists visit TMTMC meetings, we should be able to give a warm welcome with pride, saying “This is a meeting with Japanese quality!”

Another thing that we focus on is the “business-casual atmosphere”. Weekend Clubs often feature relaxed atmosphere, and the frequent speech topics include speakers’ hobbies, sports, families etc. In TMTMC it is also totally fine to speak about such topics. Yet we also encourage members to express their opinions on social issues, explain about their own cultures to an international audience, and so on. With more relaxed atmosphere than weekday Toastmasers in the CBD of Tokyo yet more formal atomosphere than afternoon weekend Toastmasters in suburban areas, we are confident that we will be able to match the needs of business people seeking to improve the most fundamental skills in life – communication and leadership.