Report of the 215th regular meeting

Today we held the last meeting of this year. Firstly, we would like to express sincere gratitude all the attendees of our meeting.
We hold meetings on every 2nd and 4th Saturday and welcome your attendance as a guest as well next year!

[Opening of the meeting]
Our president called to order on time and introduced four honorable guests.

[Toastmaster of the morning]
Today’s Toastmaster of the Morning(TMOM) is TM HH.

She introduced TM KT as the role taker of “Word of the day” and TM KT shared the word, “celebrate” .

Next is “News of the week” and TM SW took this role. He explained the latest movement of cashless remittance such as “PayPay” etc.

[Prepared speech]
Firstly, TM KH delivered it whose title is “Eight tips for instagrammable shots”. Introducing some tricky pictures which would be suitable for posting “Instagramm” and
raised reminder of global social problem such as poverty in developing countries.

Second speaker is TM TT, as the title is “New discovery – 3.10#. Based on his experience of voluntary guide for foreign tourists in Asakusa, talked how sad it was of
“Massive Tokyo air raid” on March 10th, 1945, during the final stage of World War 2, which left severe damage for Japanese citizens as well as one major factor that led
Japan’s unconditional surrender of the war.

Thirdly, we welcomed TM YT, the title is “人生を変えた一冊”. (delivered in Japanese) He appealed that if someone has attitude with socially difficulty, let us consider if
he or she has problem regarding the relationship to the parent(especially, to the mother) on his or her childhood, based on his own experience and perception after reading
the book he introduced.

Last speaker is our former member, TM MF. She tried to perform an improvised speech.  Prior to the delivery, she had given the one theme among five choices from the evaluator
and deliver the speech. She presented very smoothly as if it had been well elaborated like ordinal prepared speeches.

[Table topic]
Today’s table topic master is TM YK. She raised some tips regarding Christmas and assigned three speakers.

This section was proceeded by TM JK. She is Korean but fluent on English and Japanese.

Four evaluators, TM GS, TM KT, TM SW and TM MG presented each evaluation for prepared speech speakers accordingly.

[Award recipients] Best Table Topic speaker : TM RI
Best Evaluator : TM SW
Best Speaker : TM MF

After the regular meeting, we enjoyed special lunch since it was the last meeting of this year.
Also we had some special speeches which is difficult to be presented on the regular meeting, since the format of the speech require special situation such as
“Speech for Toast”(乾杯の際のスピーチ) or “Speech after finishing a meal”(食後のスピーチ).
Details are coming up later, so stay tuned!!


日時:2018年12月8日(土) 9:30-11:45



歴史好きらしく、12/8が太平洋戦争の発端となるハワイ真珠湾奇襲の日であったことにちなんで、「不意打ち」”suprise attack”。くしくも、冬将軍と鉄道故障に「不意打ち」された朝でした。例会中には弱い地震もありました。
この日は1人2役も多く、TMOMのRYさんが進行しました。ボールを回して受け取った人がGood and/or Newなことを話すウォームアップセッション。時間の許す範囲で、できるだけ多くの参加者が新しいことや良い事を共有します。この日は「電池の持ちの悪くなった社用のスマホの交換を申請していたら、忘れた頃にやってきた。しかも最新のiPhoneだった」などの「ちょっと良い話」が紹介されました。
◎1人目:HHさん タイトル“Big&Tall” プロジェクト:CC5”Your body speaks”
子供のころの身長差のあった友達との逸話からはじまり、詩人の金子みすゞの「私と小鳥と鈴と」の一節「鈴と小鳥と それから私 みんな違って みんないい」を日本語で引用され、メッセージを巧みに表現されていました。
◎2人目:GMさん タイトル”Why I love school of life”
プロジェクト:Pathways Effective Coaching Level 1 #2 Evaluation and Feedback
英国の哲学者Alian de Bottonは、人生を充実させるためのSchool of Lifeを開き、そのコンテンツはYouTubeでも公開している。これがお気に入りのGMさんは「このYou Tubeは時間を浪費しない」とジョークを交えて、うまく薦めていました。スピーチ中や後に、スマホでこの動画をチェックする人が多かったのは今日的でした。
今年の春から導入されているPathwaysのミニセミナーです。国際本部のホームページにある”Go to basecamp”などの該当サイトの見方やPath(マニュアル)の選び方など、実践的な内容をコンパクトに解説。District76のHPにある解説サイトも紹介していただきました。日本で最も早くからPathwaysに取り組んだトーストマスターの1人がYSさん。Districtでも講師をしているだけあって、独自のノウハウも提供してくれました。ちなみに、我がクラブは日本の中でも導入が進んでいるいるクラブとの見立てでした。




Report of joint meeting with Leadership Toastmasters club on 24th Nov, 2018

Since this day was the midday of three consecutive holidays, we had concerned how many members would be able to attend.
A member proposed to the officers of Leadership Toastmasters club to hold meeting together with us. They are kindly accepted the offer and it was realized as
Leadership TMC(hereafter, “LTMC”) No.404 regular meeting with us.

Leadership Toastmasters club hods meetings every 2nd and 4th Saturday, from 10 AM. The venue was Bunkyo Civic center.

LTMC president, TN called to order and introduced today’s Toastmaster of the Morning(TMOM), TM TT.

Today’s Table Topic master is TM YS(LTMC) and 5 speakers assigned presented improvised speech.

We had 4 prepared speakers today, 2 were member of LTMC and other 2 were member of our club.(hereafter, “TMTMC”).
TM TH of LTMC did his very first speech, the ice breaker. TM YK of TMTMC completed all the projects of “Competent Communicator” manual.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of both club, especially made every effort to arrange this joint meeting.