Report of joint meeting with Leadership Toastmasters club on 24th Nov, 2018

Since this day was the midday of three consecutive holidays, we had concerned how many members would be able to attend.
A member proposed to the officers of Leadership Toastmasters club to hold meeting together with us. They are kindly accepted the offer and it was realized as
Leadership TMC(hereafter, “LTMC”) No.404 regular meeting with us.

Leadership Toastmasters club hods meetings every 2nd and 4th Saturday, from 10 AM. The venue was Bunkyo Civic center.

LTMC president, TN called to order and introduced today’s Toastmaster of the Morning(TMOM), TM TT.

Today’s Table Topic master is TM YS(LTMC) and 5 speakers assigned presented improvised speech.

We had 4 prepared speakers today, 2 were member of LTMC and other 2 were member of our club.(hereafter, “TMTMC”).
TM TH of LTMC did his very first speech, the ice breaker. TM YK of TMTMC completed all the projects of “Competent Communicator” manual.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of both club, especially made every effort to arrange this joint meeting.