Regular Meeting #266, 2/27

The meeting was held both on-site and online by hybrid style as usual.
On that day, we had an “Area 27 contest” after the meeting, so all
speakers made their speeches in order to practice contest speeches.
The meeting theme was “Good to Great”.

Fortunately we had 6 guests online !
3 of these guests were international guests from the U.S. and Canada.
International guests are on the increase since we started
hybrid(On-site + Zoom) style meeting.
1 of these guests applied via Peatix TM K had just started.

Word of the day:”Lucky” by TM K

Today’s Ah-counter is TM O.
Ah-counter counts unnecessary filler words and reports them at the end
of the meeting.
It was her first time to take a role after she joined our club this
month, but she did a good job and her feedback was to the point.

1st prepared speech: TM H
Speech Title “Beware of SGG-60”
The speech was about a fictional virus and really unique. He said the
virus is transmitted online but makes everyone healthy by  using the

2nd prepared speech: TM I
“About myself and Toastmasters”
The speech was based on her experience to join a lot of online
toastmaster’s meetings in foreign countries. The speech helped to keep
people motivated to learn english.

In the feedback session, all participants were willing to make
comments to make their speech GREAT.
All the guests were also willing to make comments, and seemed to have fun.

In toastmasters meetings, speeches are not only prepared one but also
improvisational one.
Improvisational speech is called “Table Topics Speech”.

That day’s Table Topics Speech session was arranged by TM K.
There were 5 topics, and all of the topics were related to “LETTER”.
For example, a topic was “What do you write now, if you write a letter
to yourself ten years later”.
A letter is a good method to express our emotions and thoughts.
5 toastmasters and guests gave a brief and impressive speech.

Award:Best Table Topics Speaker: Guest E.

The meeting was successfully adjourned on time, 11:35.
The next meetings
– March 13rd (Japanese meeting) from 10:00 to 12:00
– March 27th (English meeting)  from 10:00 to 12:00