Minutes: 268th Regular Meeting (2021-03-27)

Spring has come!
We had regular meeting via an online environment.
I was very impressed that many members set ”blooming” virtual background.
(Please find the group photo 🙂 )

【Induction ceremony】

Fortunately we have 1 new member!
We proceeded to the ceremony via online successfully.
All members warmly welcomed our new member, TM  D.G.!
We are glad to welcome you and we are looking forward to learning with you!

【Word of the day】

“extraordinary” (adverb)
-in a way that is unexpected, surprising or strange
-in a way that is more, greater or better than usual
Grammarian introduced this adverb from the current “blooming” season.

【Prepared Speech】

“Future plan for the Area 27” (by TM T.K.)
First, we learn the leadership structure like “Area” “Division” and “District”.
After that, TM K introduced the alignment plan for the Area 27 2021-2022.
It seems that members can understand the latest governance structure of Toastmasters in Japan (District 76).

【Special Workshop】

“Pathways Workshop” (by TM S.W.)
3 members shared their experiences and impressions for the study of “Pathways” which is the education program of Toastmasters.
After finishing the regular meeting, we had an optional workshop about understanding the use of Pathways website and related resources.
* Club members can watch the video recording of this workshop via the club member’s website.

【Table Topics Session】

*Table Topics: Training session for the impromptu speech
TM A.I. took a role of Table Topics Master.
She provided 4 topics relating to this spring season like viewing flowers.
Members made an effort to respond to these topics.


There were lots of learning experiences including Pathways, easy-speak, and club member’s website. I hope we will have the same kind of workshops.

【Next Meeting】

2021-04-10 (Sat.) Start at 10:00 at Kudan-Shogai Gakushukan and Online