307th Regular Meeting(2022-11-26)

#307 Regular Meeting (English)

Date : Saturday, 26th November 2022

Venue : Zoom Online Meeting

The 2022 is coming to an end. 

This meeting made me feel like this. We had 8 members in the meeting. One guest applied for the meeting from overseas one day before the meeting. One fortunately the person didn’t show up though we replied the link of the meeting.

TM K took a role of TMOM today and TM K presented ‘Word of the day’.

Today’s word was “Celestial / 天体の、天国の、素晴らしい” which I didn’t know.

TM K broke out the Good & New session and the meeting was warmed up. 

[Prepared Speech Session]

There was one prepared speech and we had a short speech session instead of 2nd prepared speech.

1st Speaker : TM H

Title: What makes the campaign successful?

The speaker started from one simple question: What is marketing?
She said that marketing is to create relationships and explained the successful campaign with three key points when UNIQLO did when they started the business in Canada. It was very interesting to learn the business cases that we don’t know in the daily life.

Short speech session:

The speech topic was “Things to do this year” and speakers have to use color-related expressions at least once in the speech. TMOM prepared the sheet of color idioms which many speakers are not familiar with. 

Thanks to TM K, it was a good challenge to use unfamiliar expressions and the speeches made the members feel that we should do something by the end of this year!

[Table Topics]

The table topics session was managed by TM S. He gave five questions about year-end and it made everyone feel that year 2022 is coming to an end.

  1. Memories of Christmas party
  2. Your favorite Christmas song
  3. Your year-end event
  4. Year-end hot pot “Nabe”
  5. Your plan to visit in the year-end
[Evaluation Session]

TM K took a role of General Evaluator. TM S evaluated the today’s prepared speech. TM K wrapped up the today’s meeting in the end. He felt that year 2022 is coming to an end because there were many speeches about year-end. Short speech sessions made everyone feel that we should do something by the end of this year and TM K promised to make a speech in December. Good luck!

[Award Winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM K

Written by SK.