288th Regular Meeting (2022-1-22)

Date: Saturday, 22nd January 2022

Venue: Chiyoda-ku Sport Center and Online (zoom)

We had a good meeting with workshop for speech contest support and operation. We had one speaker, the speech was highly energetic and fun to listen to.

Today’s word of the day was “mind”.

We had 9 members online and 2 members onsite, and 1 guest online.

Table topics master was managed by TM I and it was about how we build relationship with our partners in life, how we handle/overcome challenges in our jobs, and what we expect and hope for in the new year 2022. It was interesting to learn how other people handled each situation or topics.

Workshop about the speech contest support and operation was good to learn because the contests are an important event for toastmaster, contestants spend their time and effort into their presentation, and it is important for us to properly support these events.

Speech by YS was highly energetic as always, and fun to listen to with colorful stories about his experiences in the past. It will be contest speech and I hope that it will be a good result in the contest.

Thanks to the good time management of TMOM, the meeting was successfully adjourned on time. We had some trouble with our guest going into a different “Zoom meeting room”, but we were able to contact him and join the online meeting room before the meeting started, so it was good.

[Award winners] (only Best Table Topic speaker was voted)

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM KK

Best Speaker: TM YS

See you again in the next meeting!

Written by YM