286th Regular Meeting (2021-12-25)

Date : Saturday, 25th December 2021
Venue : Chiyoda-ku Sport Center and Online(zoom)
We had the last meeting of this year. It was also an enjoyable Christmas meeting.
We had 4 members at the venue and 1 member via online. Adding to that we had 3 guests at
the venue and 2 guests online!
Today’s ‘Word of the day’ was “wish” .
We had only one speaker. The speech was impressive with the theme of picking up trash.
The table topics session was managed by the toastmaster of the morning TM W with the
special workshop where he shared how to respond to the Table Topics. We learned many
tips for impromptu talk.
Today, Table Topics speakers delivered speeches on free topics. Each speaker delivered
a speech on what they are interested in the most recently and the speech was enthusiastic.
After that, the evaluation session was presided over by the General Evaluator.
Thanks to the time management of TMOM, the meeting was successfully adjourned on time.
[Award Winners](only Best Table Topic speaker was voted)
Best Table Topic Speaker : TM F
Best Evaluator :TM K
Best Speaker : TM A
I wish all of you happy holidays!
written by YK