Tokyo Metropolitan TMC Meeting #181

Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club, the record of #181 regular meeting

2017.7.22 Sat. T.T

Today was Yukata meeting, which was recommended to wear Yukata. This style was done also in past and every time we could enjoy the colorful Yukata or Kimono of some members.

This time we also enjoyed spectacle Yukata which some members wore.

◆TMOM, by M. T san

Thanks to her warm and calm organization, we could have stable meeting. Also in award and photo session, she took the initiative to proceed the actions and contributed to meeting.

◆Good & New

None-speakers were nominated and they could have chances to have speech.

◆Prepared speech

1. Fight against Jack, by H.A san ( #CC2)

2. Office Politics, by K.T san( #CC2)

3. 湯ぶねにつかろう! I.Aさん( #CC8)

4. Actor Yasu is born, by Y.N san( #CC9) guest from Visionary Toastmasters

◆Table Topics ,by Y.T san

The theme was about memories of elementary school in summer vacation. The contents were homework and memorable events. Topics was timely and we could enjoy the topics with thinking of our childhood.

◆Evaluation session, by M.G san

Today’s evaluators were also precise to indicate improvements for speakers. Request of results, too many contents, and word selection, many points were useful for not only speakers but other members.

General evaluator M.G san emphasized the necessity of collaboration between role members and other listeners to make up good meeting. He had also the role of grammar. His English was extraordinary and contained persuasiveness.


We welcomed one new member today, continued with last time. It’s expected to build up our club more successfully with new powers.