301th Regular Meeting(2022-8-27)

Date : Saturday, 27th August 2022
Venue : Fujimi Kuminkan 2F Youshitsu A and Online(zoom)
The time:10:00-12:00 JST
We had an enjoyable meeting with the Meeting Theme: “Be an Evaluator and Enjoy!”
We had 2 members at the venue and 8 members via online.
Today’s ‘Word of the day’ was “Summer vacation”

Warming up

We had a good and new session where all the participants shared something good and new
that happened in the past 24 hours.

News of the Week

TM E shared the news about “NFTs worth 100 million stolen in the past year” as well as
explained the basic knowledge of NFT to help us understand the news.

Lecture for the Evaluation Contest

Before starting the next session, TMOM announced the coming evaluation contest and how
the contest will be operated.He proposed that we practice evaluation within 5 minutes at
today’s meeting. He also stressed that practice of evaluation will enhance our feedback
abilities in daily life.

Prepared Speech session

Beautiful speech by TM K on Isao Noguchi’s masterpiece with beautiful visual aids and
storytelling. By knowing the artists’ life in Japan and the US, our viewpoint to look at the
masterpiece has changed after the speech.

Table topics session

First time Table topic master TM H chose “Chilling topics” for summer .
It was a chilling moment for every participant to deliver 2-3 minutes impromptu speech.
We learned various meaning of chilling, “scary” “thrilling” “calm” “nervous” and “cold”
through Table Topic speech.

Evaluation Session

TMK delivered a helpful and insightful evaluation for the prepared speech.
Thanks to the time management of TMOM, the meeting was successfully adjourned on time.

[Award Winners](only Best Table Topic speaker was voted)
Best Table Topic Speaker : TM YS,TM AI
written by YK