Regular Meeting #274, 6/26

The meeting was held both on-site and online by hybrid style, for the first time in 2months(due to the cancellation of the state of emergency against Covid-19 in Tokyo).

We had 1 international guest from the U.S. via online.
International guests are on the increase since we started hybrid(On-site + Zoom) style meetings.

On that day, we had Club Officers Installation after the regular meeting.
In Toastmasters, Officers are changed every June, once a year.
TM K, who arranged these changes of officers, gave an impressive presentation about former officers as a surprise.
TM S, New President of Tokyo metropolitan Toastmasters club, gave a new fiscal year greeting.

The details of the regular meeting are as follows. 

Word of the day:”giddy” by TM I

1st prepared speech: TM K
Speech Title “Shall we dance?“
The speech was about her experience of ballroom dancing when she was a university student.
It was an exciting speech which was worthy of the day’s best speaker.

2nd prepared speech: TM I
“How to Date”
The speech was based on a book about how to get popular with the ladies.
As usual, it was a unique speech of TM I from a female perspective.

In toastmasters meetings, speeches are not only prepared one but also improvisational.
Improvisational speech is called “Table Topics Speech”.
That day’s Table Topics Speech session was arranged by TM K.
There were 4 topics, and all of the topics were related to “Rain”, because June is a rainy season in Japan.

The Best Speaker:  TM K.
The Best Table Topics Speaker:  TM M and Guest E.
The Best Evaluator TM W

The meeting was successfully adjourned on time.
The next meetings
– July 10th (Japanese meeting) from 10:00 to 12:00
– July 24th (English meeting)  from 10:00 to 12:00

Y. Yamashita