Meeting minutes 2020/6/27

Minutes of 250th regular meeting

Date : Saturday, 27th June 2020
Venue : Online and Kudan life-long learning hall

Memorial and memorable meeting!
Our 250th regular meeting was held by members online and members at venue with 4 honorable guests (two guests from abroad)!

Whiteboard at venue was decorated with tinsel garland. Speech by online members are projected on the big screen at venue. Two smartphone cameras were set at venue to broadcast the scene at venue to online member. These setting were prepared by TM SW and TM YS before the meeting.

“Call to order” (declaring the opening of the meeting) was took place by TMYK. She introduced “Toastmaster Of The Morning”(TMOM) taken by TM SK.

“Word of the day” introduced by TM YS, He selected “Restart” for today’s word as this was memorial meeting as well as the last meeting of this term.

Today we had two speakers.
TM HH delivered speech. She shared with us her experience as well as brand new idea that Speech will be therapy.
TM DM delivered his speech from a park on holiday, that surprised us because probably it was the first outdoor speech we saw and he showed us potential possibility of online meeting.

[Table Topic session] Today’s Table Topic Master is TM AI. She selected best topics for memorial 250th meeting and call on members online and members at venue.

[Evaluation session]  Firstly, toastmasters GS gave the evaluation for the first speaker TM HH. Toastmaster guest from California kindly took a role of the second evaluator instead of a member who got sick in the morning. Each helper gave precise feed backs.

[Award Recipients]
Best Table Topic speaker :TM YK
Best Evaluator             :TM Guest
Best prepared speaker     : TM HH

Thank you all who made this memorial meeting special!

第249回通常例会 議事録

第249回 通常例会議事録
日時:2020年6月13日(土) 10:00-12:00

コロナ禍が少し落ち着き、東京の活動も戻る中, オンラインと、公民館で同時に行われたハイブリッド例会になりました。 Wさん、Sさん、Yさん現地設営ありがとうございました。

例会はNews of the Weekや2本のスピーチの内容はコロナ禍の影響を色濃くしていました。

今日のテーマは創意。Originality 例会参加者がゲスト1名を迎えてオンライン5名、現地5名、スピーチ2本と テーマに相応しい賑やかで内容の濃い例会になりました。

【今朝のトーストマスター(TMOM)】YHさん ハイブリッド例会の東京メトロでの例会にて、初めての試みにも関わらずとてもスムーズに進行し、 楽しく充実した会を指揮していただきました。

【今朝の言葉】YKさん 創意。Originality ハイブリッド例会において、創意工夫を発揮しようということです。

【Good & New】YHさん 朝のアイスブレークとして、共感できるエピソードがたくさんありました。

【News of the Week】MWさん SNSへの国や当局の介入に対して、SNSの規制や今後のメディアはどのようになって行くのか、SNSは当局 からの独立が求められているが 各SNSの対応が違い、ダイバーシティ、お互いの違いを知る、違いをみせることが重要だという事です。

1人目:SKさん スピーチタイトルは「変化とチャンス」CC 10達成おめでとうございます。 コロナ禍によってもたらせた。在宅ワークで行われた事、最近オフィスにて行う仕事をわけ、上司、部下 とのコミュニケーションを 取る仕組みを分けること。家にいる事をで今までにしていない事を、この何か月ですることができ、変化 をチャンスすることがわくわく している。リモートで例会をすることにより、海外や最近参加していない、メンバーが参加してくれる、 また、オンラインでする スピーチのむずかしさを感じた、ChanceとChangeは一文字しか変わらず、ChanceはChangeにいつでも変え ることができる。
2人目:AIさん スピーチタイトルは「感情コントロール」 この、コロナ禍による在宅勤務は自分を振り返るいい機会、家族や友人に良かれと思ってやっていること が他人にとってはいい迷惑、 他人をコントロールすることはむずかしい。今年の目標にやることと、やらないことの目標をたて実施し ている。会いたくない人には 合わず、自分の感情を創意工夫し新しいことにチャレンジする。たとえば最近恋をしていない、皆さんも 感情のコントロールし新しい ことに向き合ってみてはどうですか。

【テーブルトピックス】TTさん 在宅勤務による話題のトピックス、目を覚ますと卵で何を思い出す。アナログでいい物。ラジオ体操。洗 濯について。LINEについて など、バラエティーにとんだトピックスでした。色々個性が飛出し、感心、笑いもあったコーナーでした。

【論評の部】GS 2本のスピーチに対する論評者は、いずれもスピーチの良い点、改善点を的確にコメントして、良い論評でした。



Meeting minutes 2020/5/23

Minutes 248th Regular meeting

 This is our 6th online meeting since this April. Fortunately, we keep continuing such kind of online-style meeting for a long time. Moreover we had one guest from Toronto, Canada. Before starting the meeting we talked with guest and had good time to exchange each country’s latest condition.

 -Toastmaster of the morning (TMOM)
 TM A took a role of TMOM for today’s meeting. He positively prepared today’s online meeting like confirmation to the Club president and members. So he smoothly conducted the whole meeting. I believe all members and guest enjoyed our meeting like an on-site meeting.

 -Word of the day (WOTD)
 TM T Introduced WOTD as “Prudent” (in Japanese “慎 重 な”)

 -Good & New (G&N)
 TM S emceed this warming-up session. Members and a guest exchanged good news which is occurred in 24 hours (or in this week).

 -News of the week
 TM Y introduced latest news of “Prosecution Office Law Revision Proposal” in Japan. He researched current condition of this proposal from public news. It was beneficial for all members and a guest to understand fundamental information of this news.

 -Prepared Speech Session
 1st speaker: TM H Speech title: & Drawing TM H made a speech about drawing. We have already studied public speaking skill in Toastmasters Club. Furthermore, drawing skill which TM H introduced is also important skill for improving our communication. She enthusiastically explained her idea for drawing with her own experience.
 2nd speaker: TM K Speech title: Toastmasters club activities in business cycle TM K is one of the founder of our club. He provided his idea for toastmasters club activities with his long experience of our club. He explained that there were ups and downs in align with the social trend. He also introduced that there were positive changes regardless of big challenge like the East Japan Earthquake. Thanks to his hopeful speech, we believe we can promote our club experience more better before the COVID-19 era.

 -Table Topics Session (Training for the impromptu speech)
 TM K conducted this session and provided several topics for making impromptu speech for all attendee. He choose timely topics in align with the COVID-19 issue. 4 speakers (including a guest) tried to made an impromptu speech. Every member successfully made an entertaining speech.

 -Evaluation Session
 TM W emceed this session as General evaluator.
 First, individual evaluation speech was provided by TM K for TM H, 1st speaker. Second, TM I made an evaluation speech for the 2nd speaker TM K. They pointed out each speaker’s good point and improvement point very sincerely.
 After finishing individual evaluation speech, role takers (WOTD, ah-counter, grammarian) reported the usage of WOTD, amount of filler words and grammatical improvement point.
 Finally, TM W made a general evaluation speech. He also pointed out that today’s online meeting was well-organized like on-site meeting. Thanks to TM A’s fluent preparation and perfect operation, attendees were fully enjoyed whole meeting. Furthermore, we had a guest from Canada. We appreciate that such kind of opportunities for gathering guests from overseas via online. So, TM W strongly suggested that our club may keep continuing online attendance opportunity after going back to on-site meeting at Kudanshita, Tokyo. “Hybrid” style meeting would be beneficial for all TMTMC members to promote our communication and leadership skills. I also believe that TMTMC members will successfully achieve creating “New normal”.

 -Award Session
 Best table topics award: Alec Chan (guest)
 Best evaluator: Ai Isobe
 Best Speaker: Tadashi Kino

 After finishing the regular meeting, TMTMC member joined club officer’s election. In align with “Roberts Rules”, the election was proceeded smoothly and fairly. Then we elected all club officers for FY21 (fiscal year of Toastmasters) as below:

 Club President: TM S.K
 Vice President Education: TM D.M
 Vice President Membership: TM Y.Y
 VIce President PR: TM T.T
 Treasurer: TM Y.M
 Secretary: TM H.A
 Sergeant at arms: TM T.K
 Immediate past president: TM Y.K

 We successfully elected brand-new officers. We will enjoy learning public speaking and leadership skill through the experience of TMTMC’s fluent experience!

 written by S.W, as a role of “Record of the meeting” 2020-05-26 

第247回通常例会 議事録


  日時: 2020年5月9日(土)10:00-12:00 場所: オンライン例会









 ・ビジネスセッションではSWさんのPathwaysの2科目目のL2のCertificateを皆でお祝いし、 次期役員選挙のアナウンスがありました。一年早いですね! これほど濃い時間を共有してくださった参加者全員に「喝采」を送りたいと思います!


Meeting minutes 2020/4/25


  日時:2020年4月25日(土)10:00-12:00 場所:オンライン例会



 今回の例会は 準備スピーチ、論評、テーブルトピックス、それからウォームアップ・プログラムのGood&New、News of the Weekと、通常の例会とほぼ同様のラインナップ。

  ・News of the Week コロナの自粛によって、需要がなくなった生鮮食品や魚や肉がオンラインにて販売されている記事について紹介されました。

  ・準備スピーチ  準備スピーチのセッションでは、趣向の異なる2本のスピーチが披露されました。
 準備スピーチ2本目は、「Namasute Yoga」ご自身の体験談を踏まえながら、長年取り組んできたヨガの魅力について紹介されました。

  ・論評の部 個人論評で特徴的であっことは、Zoomの特性を活かして画面上に表を反映しながら論評された方がいらっしゃったことです。


 それらに対して、周りの参加者の方々が例会の進行内容を変更して、その方の通信状況が復旧できるための時間を確保していきました。 私達のToastMastersの活動や普段の生活の中で、予期せぬ出来事が発生した際に、周りの方が柔軟にかつ、快く困っている方に手を差し伸べる姿が見えたことで改めて自クラブの良さを感じました。

  ・まとめ 今回、参加者の通信トラブルが発生しながらも、問題なく例会を進行できたことは皆さんの献身的かつ柔軟なご協力があったからこそだと改めて感じました。

  (議事録担当 K.T) 

第245回通常例会 議事録

2020.4.11 東京メトロポリタンTMC 日本語例会(オンライン例会)








 CC10 タイトル「友達の助けを得て」

 Pathways Level5 パスを振り返る。 タイトル「Pathways革新的な計画を振り返る」






第243回通常例会 議事録


 日時: 2020年3月14日(土)10:00-12:00 場所: オンライン例会


 準備スピーチ、論評、テーブルトピックス、それからウォームアップ・プログラムのGood&New、News of the Weekと、通常の例会とほぼ同様のラインナップ。



 ・News of the Week
 H.Aさんが、明るいニュースとして、桜前線の到来、そして東京の桜の名所を、満開の桜の美しい写真とともに案内されました。 またこの状況下でも楽しめる屋外のレジャーを紹介されました。

 準備スピーチ2本目は、S.Wさんによる日本語スピーチ「舞台をつくる~実録・エリアコンテスト」。ビジュアルが豊富なスライドを使い、エリアコンテストのロジについて、実践的なティップスを交えたプレゼンで、多くのメンバーの勉強になったはず。 オンラインの特性を生かし、スライドショーが鮮明に見え、ストレスなく進行していました。




 初めての試みでしたが、いつもITを支援してくれるS.Wさんと、会長であり今日のトーストマスターのY.Kさんの入念な準備と、落ち着いた進行のおかげで、スムーズな例会になりました。少々バタバタ感はありましたが、学びの多い、密度の濃い2時間でした。ゲストが参加しやすいのもオンライン例会の特長です。元メンバーで米国在住のS.M さんが参加できたのは、リアルな例会ではたやすいことでありません。また、エリアディレクターのSさんも参加してくれました。なお、コロナ騒動の収束がみえないため、次回もオンライン例会となります。そこで、閉会後も、有志で今後について意見交換をしました。

 (議事録担当 T.K) 

Meeting minutes 2020/2/22

 The 242th Regular Meeting was held on February 22, 2020 at Kudan Lifelong Learning Hall.

 We had a new guest and everyone actively participated in the meeting.

 Today's TMOM was TM R.Y.
 Today's Word of the Day was announced by TM D.M. It is No legacy is so rich as "Honesty" in English and "syoujiki" in Japanese. He cited this word from W.Shakespeare.

 There were 3 prepared speeches.
 First speech was made in English by H.A. with the title "Flamingo". We'll have some troubles in bone if you don't exercise. Osteoblast gets weaker when you get old, so you should try to do monkey cymbals, go up the stairs and stand up like a Flamingo.
 Second speech was made in Japanese by TM T.T. with the title "日韓合同例会 - これまでの軌跡と今後の展開について" He told us about Japan Korea joint meeting in 8 years. We held the meeting in Korea and Japan. We organized the meeting in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Busan. We went to Kyoto, Nikko and other cities. He introduced the past meeting and the comming next joint meeting. Why don't you join the meeting at April 11th?
 The last speech was made by T.K. with the title "恋するフォーチュンスリップ(修正版)" He improved his speech for the area contest next month. He drew a fortune slip of bad luck last year. He had a leg injury and stayed home in the last holiday season in May. He went to the same temple and drew a fortune slip of bad luck again this year. He and we don't know the future and the result of the area contest.

 Table Topics Session was conducted by TM Y.Y.
 The theme was Movies. He gave 4 interesting questions. Those topics were Dream, Japanese culture, Family and your favorite movie. It was his first time to lead Table Topics session, but he did it so successfully and we enjoyed answering to his questions.

 Evaluation session was led by General Evaluator TM G.S. Today's evaluators for the prepared speeches were TM D.M., TM Y.M. and TM Y.K. Those Evaluators gave a lot of advice to today's speakers.

 The Awards were given to the following members;
 Guest S for the Best Table Topics Speaker,
 TM Y.K. and TM D.M. for the Best Evaluator,
 TM H.A. for the Best Speaker.

 February 22nd, 2020, written by TM G.S. 

Meeting minutes 2020/3/28

Minutes of TMTMC Regular Meeting #244

Date: March 28th, 2020
Time: 10:00 Start, 11:55 End
Venue: Zoom Online Meeting

 As Vice President Membership, TM S.K. provided opening remarks.
 Today we had 12 members and 4 guests including three former members of TMTMC. Since the meeting is held online, one guest joined from Korea and one from California, USA.

 [Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM)]
 TM T.K. took a role of TMOM. He facilitated the online meeting and completed the project of pathway as well.

 [Word of the Day]
 TM G.S. introduced “Olympic Games” as today’s “Word of the Day” because of the latest news that Tokyo Olympic games had postponed.

 [Good and New]
 TM Y.Y. emceed today’s Good & New session (Ice breaking session). Four members and two guests made short speeches and they warmed up the meeting.

 [Prepared Speech Session]
 TM S.W. moderated the panel discussion session about SDGs, which is the project of Ethical Leadership in Innovative Planning #5-6.
 TM S.W. presented the keynote speech and three panelists (TM T.T., TM Y.K. and TM K.T.) gave the short speeches about their opinions. TM S.W. facilitated the discussion and wrapped up the session in the end.

 [Table Topics Session (emceed by TM K.T.)]
 The topic was “Our Own Values” which was expired from the book “Insight”. Here are the questions and everyone made an excellent speech.

 Q1. What is your character from the perspective of people around you?(TM Y.Y.)
 Q2. What is your memorable or unforgettable experiences in your life? (TM T.J.)
 Q3. What kind of person do you respect and why do you think so? (TM S.M.)
 Q4. What is your ideal day that satisfy your needs? (TM S.K.)
 Q5. What values do you teach your children? (TM A.I.)
 Q6. What are your bad points that you want to overcome? (TM D.M.)

 [Evaluation Session (General Evaluator was TM S.K.)]
 There was no evaluation speech and general evaluator gave helpers’ report and general evaluation.
 He pointed out that the session was a big challenge to do because the meeting was held online and the discussion was basically done in English. TM S.W. completed the project quite smoothly which showed his high skills of facilitation.

 =======Awards of the meeting=======
 *Best Table Topic Award: TM A.I.
 No best speaker and best evaluator award today.

 [After the meeting]
 Some members enjoyed talking online with lunch.

 Tokyo is having a hard time at this moment but it was really a good chance to keep having a meeting online and keep relationship of former members all around the world.

 (Written by TM S.K. as role taker of “Record of the meeting”) 

第241回 通常例会議事録



 今朝の言葉:デマ/ Fake Knさんより、最近の世界情勢の話題を盛り込んだ説明とともに紹介された。

 今週のニュース:コロナウィルスや株価情勢、中国の衛生状況を含めた動き Mrkmさんより、今朝の言葉と関連した内容となり、一層の興味をかき立てた。

 準備スピーチ: メトロからはKrsmさんより年次目標の挫折とその達成について、アマゾンTMCからのゲストFjwrさんより、Fakeに関連した、アマゾンサイトの対策と実践についてのスピーチが行われた。また桜坂TMCより2名のゲストが参加し、コンテストに向けたスピーチがそれぞれおこなわれた。

 テーブルトピック: Ysnkさんより、予想外の事態、名言、温故知新をテーマに、それぞれ出題がなされた。

 論評: 第1スピーカーにはTkucさんより3つの提案(改善点)を中心とした論評が行われた。内容もさることながら現メトロにとってその流暢な英語スキルは極めて貴重な存在である。

 講評: 動画を含めたサイトによる準備、アプローチが素晴らしい。その時点で作品であり、例会後には常設を望む声も上がった。