Report of the 234th regular meeting on Oct 26th 2019

Our 234th Regular Meeting was held on October 26, 2019 at Kudan Lifelong Learning Hall. 

We had 2 new guests and 4 special guests from other toastmasters clubs, and everyone actively participated in the meeting.

Today’s TMOM was TM GS.
Today’s Word of the Day was announced by TM TT as “upset” in English and “Yosou gai no mondai / konnan” or “ban kuruwase” in Japanese. He chose these words because these days we faced two huge upset in Japan. One was big typhoon hit Japan 2 weeks ago and the other was Japanese rugby team’s loss to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.

There were 3 prepared speeches. 
First speech was made in Japanese by TM HA with the title “Omoshirosou! Period”. From his experience of having participated in the new activity, he come to realize it is important to try new things without thinking too much if he thinks it would be fun. 

Second speech was made in Japanese by TM MF with the title “Amazon de Shuppin suru houhou.” She explained how easy it was to start to sell products on Amazon, and how we could do it step by step. During the QA session after the speech, many questions have been raised from the audience. 

The last speech was made by TM TK with the title “Asian movies on the plane.” He introduced the South Korean movie called “1987: When the Day Comes”, which he watched on the plane. It has become one of his most favorite movies. The movie become a big hit in South Korea but not in Japan. Only 10 theaters showed the movie in Japan. That is why he recommends watching Asian movies on the plane where you have a variety of Asian movies. 

Table Topics Session was conducted by TM YM.
The topics was the weather, climate change and environment. He had 4 interesting questions regarding the topics, and even though it was his first time to lead Table Topic session, he did it so successfully.

Evaluation session was led by General Evaluator TM YY. Today’s evaluators for the prepared speeches were TM SW, TM SK and our special guest TM MT.

The Awards were given to the following members;
TM AI for the Best Table Topics Speaker,
TM SK for the Best Evaluator, and
TM HA for the Best Speaker.

October 26, 2019, written by TM HH