Report of the 233rd regular meeting on Sep 28th 2019

Today we had 15 members and 2 guests.
Fall is the best season for eating.
Coincidentally there were a lot of food related themes taken up in today's meeting. 
First, the presentation of News of Week showed us  that our food choice will impact the emission of greenhouse gas and that Shojin Ryori(Traditional vegetarian food) will be recommended.

The first speech reminded us of Japanese traditional treatment of rice (Nigata people would never do rice shower) and learned that it has changed by decreasing consumption of rice (However Man shall not live by bread alone as conclusion).

The main theme of  table topics speech was also about selection of food in multicultural world. 
Various dishes and restaurants were introduced in each speaker's speech. 

Beside food related topic, From second speaker's informative speech, I learned how  to explore local library by borrowing  E-books on website and searching speech topics by browsing magazines.

Every time I join the meeting I learn something new.

What made us happy at the end of today's  meeting was one of  guests told us he decided to join our club. All members welcomed him with great joy.

Various topics of food in today's meeting made me hungry. Happily, after the meeting some of us  could visit delicious Chinese restaurant in neighborhood and we enjoyed lunch together.

Reported by TM Y.K