Report of 209th regular meeting

Minutes of 209th regular meeting

Date : Saturday, 22th September 2018
Venue : Kudan life-long learning hall

Summer is over and Autumn is coming!
Our 209th regular meeting was held with the theme “YourFavorite Autumn- meeting” with as many as 5 honorable guests!

Today’s agenda and whiteboard were decorated with pictures of coloring leaves suggestive of Autumn.
“Call to order” (declaring the opening of the meeting) was took place by our president, TM TK.
He introduced “Toastmaster Of The Morning”(TMOM) taken byTM SW. He asked all member to share each member’s favorite in autumn.

“Word of the day” provided by TM HH, she introduced the word, “Fall” related to today’s theme Autumn.“News of the week” was delivered by TM HA, raising the topic of “Respect for senior citizen day”(In Japanese “Keirou-no-Hi”), explaining the trends of the population percentage of seniors citizens in Japan using visual effect.

[Prepared Speech session] Today we had two speakers.
Firstly, TM GS delivered speech titled “日韓合同例会 ” in Japanese. This is the second time for him to make a speech on this theme and he explained the background of “Korea-Japan joint meeting” and shared many pictures to help us imagine the next joint meeting.

Secondly, TM YT performed speech in English, the title is “Not easy way but they move forward” sharing us the story of
Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium constructed on the former site of school that had been destroyed in the tsunami during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake..

[Table Topic session] Today’s Table Topic Master is TM KT. He callon 3 guest for table topic that seemed suitable for each of them and each speaker performed excellent speech as if it were prepared speech.

[Evaluation session]
Today’s General evaluator is TMYK.
Firstly, toastmaster TMTK gave the evaluation for the first prepared speaker. Next, TM NT performed the evaluation for the second prepared speaker.

[Award Recipients] Best Table Topic speaker : GuestN and GuestM!
Best Evaluator                   :TM NT
Best prepared speaker     : TM YT