Report of the 205th regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

Date : Saturday, 28th July 2018
Venue : Kudan Lifelong Learning hall

Typhoon No.12 was approaching Kanto area, and we had been considering whether the meeting should be canceled or not. However, forecast said that it had been still far from Tokyo therefore we decided to hold the 205th meeting as scheduled.

There were 14 attendees including one guest. Today, our new president, KT called to order on the beginning of the meeting.
July is the very first month of fiscal year of toastmasters clubs. Unfortunately, he was absent the first meeting of this fiscal year so this was the first appearance of this term.


After introduction of today’s guest, Toastmaster of the Morning(TMOM) was introduced, TMOM of this meeting is TM HH,“Word of the day” was presented by TM SW and he gave us the word “recovery”, since he has been have strong hope that Western Japan area which severely damaged by the torrential rain falls would recover as early as possible.

On the section of “News of the week”, TM SW raised a topic of a kind of phishing SMS disguised as a notification from major parcel delivery operator. He actually had received such SMS onto his cellphone and he raised warning to audiences by clear and simple English speech so that all attendees were able to grasp the core of the messages.

[Prepared speeches] We had three speakers on this meeting. Firstly, TM TN delivered “サードプレイスの効果” in Japanese. Based on her experiences of difficult for child caring and how she felt relieved when she resumed studying English interpretation. Then she suggested having ones each “Third place” to revitalize you.
Next, we welcomed our president as the second speaker. He performed “所信表明” (policy expression) in Japanese since this is the first attendance to the meeting since the new fiscal year started.
Finally, TM GS performed “My Target”. He gave us several episodes such as how difficult for others pronouncing his sir name. That made us fun a lot.

[準備スピーチ] この日は3名が準備スピーチを披露しました。一人目はNTさんで「サードプレイスの効果」。退職、出産、育児、仕事復帰準備のための通学・・・と自身の経験を踏まえ、職場、学校、家庭以外の、「個」としての人間としていられる場所を持つことの価値をスピーチにしていました。
最後は、GSさんの”My Targert”。トーストマスターズクラブの新しい教育プログラムである”PathWays” のプロジェクトから、自己紹介のスピーチでした。

[Table topic] Master of this session was TM YT. Provided several topics related to “record” since this summer is extremely hot, record breaking weather.

[テーブルトピック] 進行はYTが担当、「記録的猛暑」にちなみ、記録に関するあれこれをお題とし、いろいろなエピソードを即興で4名の方に披露していただきました。

[Evaluation] General evaluation is mastered by TM SK. First evaluator is TM MG, second is SH and third is HA.
Every evaluator gave well elaborated evaluation with positive attitude that would contribute to further progress of each speaker.

[論評] 総合論評(論評の部の進行を司り、また例会全体の論評を行う役)は、いつも落ち着いていて知的なSKさん。まずは、3名の準備スピーチに対する論評を3名の論評者に行っていただきました。全員、トーストマスターズクラブの論評の基本に忠実な、スピーチをした人のモチベーションを更に引き上げるような前向きの論評をしていました。

[Award recipients] Best table topic speaker : TM MT / ベストテーブルトピックスピーカ:MTさん
Best Evaluator:TM HA / ベスト論評者:HAさん
Best Speaker:TM NT / ベストスピーカー:NTさん

Written by Y.T