305th Regular Meeting(2022-10-22)

Data: Saturday, 22th October 2022

Venue: Hybrid of online and Chiyoda Sports Center, the 3rd meeting room

(2 members and 1 guest at the venue and 7 members online)

Time : 10:00 – 11:45

Today’s Word: “Fall”

We had this 305Th regular meeting on a typical autumn day at Chiyoda sports center and online (what we call “Hybrid” style). The meeting was started on time after friendly chat of members and a guest. Greeting was delivered from VP YK and the baton was passed to today’s toastmaster KK joining from New York.    

■Good and New

Hosted by TM. KK, the unique program of Tokyo metropolitan toastmasters club was begun with her good travel experience and followed by all members to share good & new things happened within 24 hours or a week.

■News of the Week

TM. YS introduced the news about a giant-killing of Japanese football emperor’s match where J2 Ventforet Kofu ranked 18th in J2 league won against J1 Sanfrecce Hiroshima ranked 3rd in J1 with his enthusiasm.

■Prepared Speech

Today we only had one prepared speech from TM. YK talked about some studies about sleep. TM. YK could present the theme clearly with the nice looking slides. I guess many members were surprised to hear that 6 hours sleep was not enough to deliver the good performance.

■Table Topic

TM. SK brought a bit unexpected but interesting topic of “imagination”, where members were given the questions such as “What if you are a cat, whom do you want to be served”, “What if you are the most beautiful or handsome actress or actor, what do you want to do?”.

TM. YK won the best table topic speaker with her impressive speech being a big tree to overlook the long history of a family living nearby although a guest Mr. H made a good debut to this impromptu speech competition. 


Normally only one evaluator is assigned to one speech speaker but today we had three ! evaluators for one speaker, due to the evaluation contest on Sunday. Three evaluators who will join the contest volunteered to be evaluator for today to practice for the big day.   

TM. AI started her evaluation with her humorous but surprising opening and TM. HA followed by his logical and stable evaluation and TM. SK closed the session with his well-planned but emotional evaluation.   

■Award Winners

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: TM. YK

Best Evaluator: TM. SK

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM. YK

It was a wonderful and enlightening Saturday morning as always!


Written by DG