303th Regular Meeting(2022-9-24)

Data: Saturday, 24th September 2022
Venue: Hybrid of online and Chiyoda Sports Center, the 3rd meeting room
(2 members at the venue and 8 members online)
Time : 10:00 – 11:45
Meeting Theme: Plans to enjoy Autumn
Today’s Word: “Actually” “実のところは”

We noticed a seasonal change because many members mentioned the weather in this meeting.
For example, we talked about temperature changes from warm to cool, a typhoon, and a way to spend a rainy day or sunny day.
Furthermore, today’s meeting theme was Plans to enjoy Autumn, so we introduced our plans for Autumn when we spoke.
It’s interesting to know members’ plans!!

■Good and New
We had a good and new session where all the participants shared something good and new that happened in the past 24 hours.

■News of the Week
TM K presented a Japanese designer Udagawa Masamichi who designed New York Subway vehicles.

In the first speech, TM Y talked about an experience as a host of a reunion party. TM Y could hold a reunion party for his teacher though there were many difficulties that he needed to overcome.

In the following speech, TM E talked about the roles of the IT industry. The presentation was very organized and visualized. It’ll work for people considering getting a job in this industry.

■Table Topic Session
TM S asked some questions, and members answered them.
A member hadn’t been trying it for a long time. It’s challenging to make a speech immediately, but there is only way to improve. Just try many times!!
We enjoyed the TT session today.

TM KS delivered an organized evaluation of TM Y’s speech.
I could feel TM KS’s expectations for TM Y’s following speech from TM KS’s face and tone. It must be the motivation of TM Y.
TM KY delivered a kind evaluation of TM E’s speech.
TM KY could give specific ideas for TM E’s speech.

■Award Winners
Best Speaker: TM Y
Best Evaluator: TM KS
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM H

Written by KK