299th Regular Meeting (2022-7-23)

Venue : Chiyoda Sport Center Room #3

We had a hybrid meeting. We had 4 members at venue and 5 members via online.

TM K took a role of TMOM today. This meeting theme was “Summer vacation”

TM E presented ‘Word of the day “Intense” “強烈な”

TM D broke out the Good & New session and the meeting was warmed up. We had a good time.

[Prepared Speech Session]
We enjoyed two good speeches.

1st Speaker : TM K

Title: Wordle – Guess 5-letter-word

TM K introduced how to play “Wordle”. He play the word game at online everyday. Wordle use a five letter words.
” E T A O I N S R H L ” is frequently letters. How to play Wordle and How would you like to play Wordle?

2nd Speaker : TM H

Title: 人生で最も成功したダイエット
TM H が最も成功したダイエットは糖質制限ダイエット、TM H はニート生活も体験してきたが、素敵な服をきたい、素敵な人に持てたい

[News of the week]
TM S この夏の電力不足について、TM S さんの仕事が関係があり、なぜ今年電力不足になったか、再生可能エネルギーの問題を含めて

[Table Topics]
Table topics master was conducted by TM E. She made five topics and the member chose her topic by the speaker.
TM E. asked for us five questions. Where do you feel like can be yourself? How would you like to be known to history? etc.

[Evaluation Session]
TM S took a role of General Evaluator.

TM A evaluated the first speech in English. TM A evaluate TM K speech. TM A evaluation was well correctly. He didn’t have much time to prepare.

TM K evaluated the second speech in Japanese. gave the speaker good advices concretely which the speaker can improve. TM H should use some goods for TM H speech.

General evaluator gave applause to today’s TMOM, TM K gave some good comments to all speeches and she flexibly managed the meeting though there were some unexpected comments.

[Award Winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker : TM K

Best Speaker: TM H

Best Evaluator: TM A

Thanks to the time management of TMOM TM K. The meeting was successfully adjourned on time.

Written by S.