Minutes of Regular Meeting #252

Date : Saturday, 25th July 2020
Venue : Online and Kudan life-long learning hall

The meeting was held in hybrid style of on-site and on-line,
thanks to technical assistance by TM SW and TM YS.

Despite the fact that some roles were assinged just berfore the
meeting, the meeting was well organaized by TMOM YY, with 15 members
and 5 guests, 11 on-site and 9 on-line including guests from Canada and The U.S.

Word of the day:memorable 思い出に残る
News of the week: One year to go

Though the olympics games was postphoned to next year and the pandemic lingers,
still we can have memorable moments by figuring things out.

There were two memorable speeches.

TM SW raised awareness on risk management by well constructed speech and Q&A session
in an effort to manage difficult audience. Evaluator TM HH adviced to arrange someone 
beforehand to create the difficult situation.

TM GS introdeced Kenji Miyazawa whom we know by his writings, but don't know well
about his life. He shed light on his whole life and the way his writing was used 
in a way he didn't intend. Evaluator TM TT, who has great interst in war history sees the 
cynical side of the speech and suggested to elaborate on the aspect.

The table topics session was managed by TM YK, who brought out the three
unique ideas to make it through the upcoming summer season.
TM YS suggested to eat shaved ice, and coincidentally the day
was The day of shaved ice!

[Award Recipients]
Best Table Topic speaker :TM Guest
Best Evaluator             :TM HH
Best prepared speaker     : TM SW

Finally, one of the guests showed her intention to join our club! 
Welcome to our club!

Written by HA.