Meeting minutes 2020/6/27

Minutes of 250th regular meeting

Date : Saturday, 27th June 2020
Venue : Online and Kudan life-long learning hall

Memorial and memorable meeting!
Our 250th regular meeting was held by members online and members at venue with 4 honorable guests (two guests from abroad)!

Whiteboard at venue was decorated with tinsel garland. Speech by online members are projected on the big screen at venue. Two smartphone cameras were set at venue to broadcast the scene at venue to online member. These setting were prepared by TM SW and TM YS before the meeting.

“Call to order” (declaring the opening of the meeting) was took place by TMYK. She introduced “Toastmaster Of The Morning”(TMOM) taken by TM SK.

“Word of the day” introduced by TM YS, He selected “Restart” for today’s word as this was memorial meeting as well as the last meeting of this term.

Today we had two speakers.
TM HH delivered speech. She shared with us her experience as well as brand new idea that Speech will be therapy.
TM DM delivered his speech from a park on holiday, that surprised us because probably it was the first outdoor speech we saw and he showed us potential possibility of online meeting.

[Table Topic session] Today’s Table Topic Master is TM AI. She selected best topics for memorial 250th meeting and call on members online and members at venue.

[Evaluation session]  Firstly, toastmasters GS gave the evaluation for the first speaker TM HH. Toastmaster guest from California kindly took a role of the second evaluator instead of a member who got sick in the morning. Each helper gave precise feed backs.

[Award Recipients]
Best Table Topic speaker :TM YK
Best Evaluator             :TM Guest
Best prepared speaker     : TM HH

Thank you all who made this memorial meeting special!