Meeting minutes 2020/5/23

Minutes 248th Regular meeting

 This is our 6th online meeting since this April. Fortunately, we keep continuing such kind of online-style meeting for a long time. Moreover we had one guest from Toronto, Canada. Before starting the meeting we talked with guest and had good time to exchange each country’s latest condition.

 -Toastmaster of the morning (TMOM)
 TM A took a role of TMOM for today’s meeting. He positively prepared today’s online meeting like confirmation to the Club president and members. So he smoothly conducted the whole meeting. I believe all members and guest enjoyed our meeting like an on-site meeting.

 -Word of the day (WOTD)
 TM T Introduced WOTD as “Prudent” (in Japanese “慎 重 な”)

 -Good & New (G&N)
 TM S emceed this warming-up session. Members and a guest exchanged good news which is occurred in 24 hours (or in this week).

 -News of the week
 TM Y introduced latest news of “Prosecution Office Law Revision Proposal” in Japan. He researched current condition of this proposal from public news. It was beneficial for all members and a guest to understand fundamental information of this news.

 -Prepared Speech Session
 1st speaker: TM H Speech title: & Drawing TM H made a speech about drawing. We have already studied public speaking skill in Toastmasters Club. Furthermore, drawing skill which TM H introduced is also important skill for improving our communication. She enthusiastically explained her idea for drawing with her own experience.
 2nd speaker: TM K Speech title: Toastmasters club activities in business cycle TM K is one of the founder of our club. He provided his idea for toastmasters club activities with his long experience of our club. He explained that there were ups and downs in align with the social trend. He also introduced that there were positive changes regardless of big challenge like the East Japan Earthquake. Thanks to his hopeful speech, we believe we can promote our club experience more better before the COVID-19 era.

 -Table Topics Session (Training for the impromptu speech)
 TM K conducted this session and provided several topics for making impromptu speech for all attendee. He choose timely topics in align with the COVID-19 issue. 4 speakers (including a guest) tried to made an impromptu speech. Every member successfully made an entertaining speech.

 -Evaluation Session
 TM W emceed this session as General evaluator.
 First, individual evaluation speech was provided by TM K for TM H, 1st speaker. Second, TM I made an evaluation speech for the 2nd speaker TM K. They pointed out each speaker’s good point and improvement point very sincerely.
 After finishing individual evaluation speech, role takers (WOTD, ah-counter, grammarian) reported the usage of WOTD, amount of filler words and grammatical improvement point.
 Finally, TM W made a general evaluation speech. He also pointed out that today’s online meeting was well-organized like on-site meeting. Thanks to TM A’s fluent preparation and perfect operation, attendees were fully enjoyed whole meeting. Furthermore, we had a guest from Canada. We appreciate that such kind of opportunities for gathering guests from overseas via online. So, TM W strongly suggested that our club may keep continuing online attendance opportunity after going back to on-site meeting at Kudanshita, Tokyo. “Hybrid” style meeting would be beneficial for all TMTMC members to promote our communication and leadership skills. I also believe that TMTMC members will successfully achieve creating “New normal”.

 -Award Session
 Best table topics award: Alec Chan (guest)
 Best evaluator: Ai Isobe
 Best Speaker: Tadashi Kino

 After finishing the regular meeting, TMTMC member joined club officer’s election. In align with “Roberts Rules”, the election was proceeded smoothly and fairly. Then we elected all club officers for FY21 (fiscal year of Toastmasters) as below:

 Club President: TM S.K
 Vice President Education: TM D.M
 Vice President Membership: TM Y.Y
 VIce President PR: TM T.T
 Treasurer: TM Y.M
 Secretary: TM H.A
 Sergeant at arms: TM T.K
 Immediate past president: TM Y.K

 We successfully elected brand-new officers. We will enjoy learning public speaking and leadership skill through the experience of TMTMC’s fluent experience!

 written by S.W, as a role of “Record of the meeting” 2020-05-26