Meeting minutes 2020/3/28

Minutes of TMTMC Regular Meeting #244

Date: March 28th, 2020
Time: 10:00 Start, 11:55 End
Venue: Zoom Online Meeting

 As Vice President Membership, TM S.K. provided opening remarks.
 Today we had 12 members and 4 guests including three former members of TMTMC. Since the meeting is held online, one guest joined from Korea and one from California, USA.

 [Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM)]
 TM T.K. took a role of TMOM. He facilitated the online meeting and completed the project of pathway as well.

 [Word of the Day]
 TM G.S. introduced “Olympic Games” as today’s “Word of the Day” because of the latest news that Tokyo Olympic games had postponed.

 [Good and New]
 TM Y.Y. emceed today’s Good & New session (Ice breaking session). Four members and two guests made short speeches and they warmed up the meeting.

 [Prepared Speech Session]
 TM S.W. moderated the panel discussion session about SDGs, which is the project of Ethical Leadership in Innovative Planning #5-6.
 TM S.W. presented the keynote speech and three panelists (TM T.T., TM Y.K. and TM K.T.) gave the short speeches about their opinions. TM S.W. facilitated the discussion and wrapped up the session in the end.

 [Table Topics Session (emceed by TM K.T.)]
 The topic was “Our Own Values” which was expired from the book “Insight”. Here are the questions and everyone made an excellent speech.

 Q1. What is your character from the perspective of people around you?(TM Y.Y.)
 Q2. What is your memorable or unforgettable experiences in your life? (TM T.J.)
 Q3. What kind of person do you respect and why do you think so? (TM S.M.)
 Q4. What is your ideal day that satisfy your needs? (TM S.K.)
 Q5. What values do you teach your children? (TM A.I.)
 Q6. What are your bad points that you want to overcome? (TM D.M.)

 [Evaluation Session (General Evaluator was TM S.K.)]
 There was no evaluation speech and general evaluator gave helpers’ report and general evaluation.
 He pointed out that the session was a big challenge to do because the meeting was held online and the discussion was basically done in English. TM S.W. completed the project quite smoothly which showed his high skills of facilitation.

 =======Awards of the meeting=======
 *Best Table Topic Award: TM A.I.
 No best speaker and best evaluator award today.

 [After the meeting]
 Some members enjoyed talking online with lunch.

 Tokyo is having a hard time at this moment but it was really a good chance to keep having a meeting online and keep relationship of former members all around the world.

 (Written by TM S.K. as role taker of “Record of the meeting”)