The 11th Korea Japan Joint Meeting, Seoul, Korea

2017/04/24 6:02 に Tm Metropolitanian が投稿   [ 2017/04/24 6:16 に更新しました ]
I would like to report briefly on my wonderful experience of Korea-Japan Joint Meeting held in Korea in spring and Japan in autumn every year.
Taking this opportunity, I made visits to four other clubs in Korea this time.
1st  :(6th April)  T.I.F.O. TMC in Busan, after-meeting dinner (Saying hello to Busan people we met last year) 

2nd :(7th April)  Friday Night TMC in Seoul (I had previously visited this club in September 2015) 

3rd  :(8th AM)   Gangnam Morning TMC in Seoul (for the first time ever) 

 4th  :(8th PM)   11th Korea-Japan Joint Meeting

5th  :Table Topics Masters opened the session by an elegant pair dancing 

6th  :A visiting guest answered a T/T question, very eloquent, matching with the grace of her body movement 
7th  :After-meeting Dinner at a hide-out traditional Korean restaurant, extremely tasty 

8th  :(9th April)   Yeongtong TMC in Suwon, about an hour and half south of Seoul 

9th  :They insisted on treating me a lunch 

10th : Coffee Time is their routine after lunch together. I paid for all in return. 

Spent a long leisure Sunday afternoon, talking and talking, very enjoyable.
Chris is an Irish, teaches at a school near Suwon City, holds MA in Teaching English as a
Second Language, instantly became intimate when finding our same field of study.
Elaine, a girl with glasses is from Guangzhou, is learning Korean at a language school preparing for admission
to a Korean university. She gave me an impression that she is a person of curiosity and has inner strength.
Both two ladies in the middle once lived near Waseda University and speak fluent Japanese.
Kim (Onkyon), a lady with pink jacket, is a famous film director in Korea, they said.
Another Kim (Jihyun, in blue jacket) adores Sayuri Yoshinaga, a famous Japanese actress long ago.
Kim (Roy), a guy in grey clothes was sharp and maintained calm insight based on logical analysis.
I met incredible toastmasters at each club without exception. They use innovative agenda formats.
11th  :  At the end of the trip, I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Seoul to celebrate the success of my journey, The fulfilled four days. 

Fresh salads and fruits, bouillon and bruschetta, grilled thick steak with full bodied red wine,
Gouda or Camembert cheeses with coffee and chocolate cakes, plus Remy Martin VSOP.
I felt refreshed, reinvigorated, happy and peaceful.
Feeling so good !
Come and join us next time !
written by K.M.